Enjoyment with a clear conscience

Responsible actions, sustainable procurement and environmental protection are values we live by at Delica and have been an integral part of the corporate culture since time immemorial.

Delica relies on smart sustainability:

  • Efficient use of energy and resources
  • Carefully selected and sustainably produced raw materials
  • Fair and progressive working conditions
  • Forward-looking innovations for packaging, technologies and processes
  • Delectable and healthy treats

Delica's commitment to sustainability is based on a three-pillar model environmentsociety and economy. The company takes its responsibility seriously in all areas along the entire value creation chain: from growing and procuring raw materials through production in the plants to consumption and recycling. To reach this goal, we and Migros-Industry have set ourselves ambitious goals in seven fields of action to be achieved by 2025. The unwavering commitment of our employees and the support of our business partners ensure that we achieve our goals while highlighting the challenges still facing us.

The following pioneering visions serve as guiding lights to Delica on its path to 2040:
100% sustainable raw materials – 100% renewable energy – 100% recycling.

The M-Industry sustainability management
 The M-Industry sustainability program
 The M-Industry sustainability strategy


Sustainability at Migros-Industry

The M-Industry sustainability film demonstrates M-Industry’s strategy and commitment in the field of sustainability. All companies in the M-Industry group are obliged to implement this strategy It contains over 30 objectives stretching until 2025 and three guiding visions through to 2040.

Overview of our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability is not merely a buzzword for us. It is a challenging reality. The sustainability strategy with its fields of action and tangible goals reflect our understanding of sustainability and provide an insight into our social, economic and ecological commitment.

Our basis

Our understanding of sustainability is based on the 3-pillar model environment, society and economy. It implies equal weighting of social, ecological and economic aspects.

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Sustainability management

Delica operates an ISO 14001-certified sustainability management system, which guarantees the consistent implementation of the sustainability goals.

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