About us

Delica AG was founded in 2021 through the merger of Chocolat Frey AG, Delica AG, Midor AG, Riseria SA and Total Capsule Solutions. The name Delica stands for the highest possible expertise in great-tasting products under the Migros Industrie umbrella. Delica employs about 2200 people at five locations across Switzerland and many offices abroad.

Delica develops and produces delicious top-quality chocolate, snacks, cooking products and coffee. As a proven specialist in needs-oriented concepts, Delica supplies customers in Switzerland and around the globe with delicious specialities for the entire day. It manufactures numerous own brands for Migros as well as famous-name corporations both at home and abroad.

Delica stands for

Innovative capacity

We want to make good things even better by reinventing them. Inspiration, curiosity and a passion for innovation are what drives us to make progress and succeed. In this way, we influence the market.


We are committed to ensuring the welfare of society, the economy and the environment. We attach importance to fair trade and consumption, environmentally friendly farming and traceability. The aim of our mindset is to allow for and encourage sustainable development and social growth.

Swiss origin

Enjoyment and quality are Swiss traditions. The commitment to delivering high-quality products is in our DNA. We are a Swiss company with a deep appreciation of ecology, naturalness and authenticity – from inspecting the raw materials to pricing.

Close proximity to Migros

Much like our parent company Migros, we also have a regional focus and are in close proximity to our customers. We share the same Migros values and are passionately committed to improving our customers' quality of life. We do so by developing products that are extremely popular both within Switzerland and abroad.


We create moments of indulgence. You can smell, taste and see our passion for the finer things in life – from exquisite ingredients and the high quality of their processing to the presentation of our products.

Delica management

Thomas Gubler


Oliver Hausmann

Head BU Food

Ralf van den Bragt

Head BU Coffee

Moritz Werner

Head SCM & Operations,
Head BU International

Constantin Schnupp


Gina Largo

Head Business Performance & Development

Barbara Werfeli

Head HRM

Sebastian Reimann

Head Quality
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