Our basis

Our understanding of sustainability is based on the 3-pillar model: environment, society and economy. Our long-term economic success is based on the equal weighting of social, ecological and economic aspects while respecting and complying with environmentally relevant and social values.


Economic efficiency - efficient, innovative, sustainable

Economic and corporate success is the prerequisite for staying competitive and innovative within the industry and for meeting our customers' demands in the long term. We can only maintain our commitment to sustainability and safeguard jobs and decent salaries if we are an economically successful business.


Social equity – improved quality of life for all

Consumers should be able to enjoy healthy and tasty Delica products that are made under socially fair conditions. As an employer, we take our social responsibility seriously and support employees in Switzerland as well as those working for producers and suppliers in the countries of origin. We are committed to fair working conditions and salaries, we promote the implementation of social values and encourage employee education and training.  


Environmental sustainability – preserve the world for tomorrow

For the benefit of future generations, our production is resource- and energy-efficient. We strive for closed material and energy cycles and focus on renewable resources. Our holistic corporate philosophy promotes the complete recycling of all materials used. The careful use of natural resources promotes biodiversity and the long-term preservation of operational ecosystems.

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