SOS Children's Villages


The majority of Delica’s cocoa beans come from West Africa. In 2007, the company financed the construction of one of now twelve family homes in the SOS Children's Village in Asiakwa, Ghana. Since then, Delica has borne the house’s annual running costs. Asiakwa village is currently home to 107 orphaned and abandoned children and 60 adolescents. They are cared for there until they are independent and have the opportunity to complete appropriate education or training

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Dire Dawa

Some of our coffee beans come from Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest countries. In Dire Dawa, the second-largest town in Ethiopia, 16% of the children are hit particularly hard by poverty and live unprotected in the streets. To survive, the children have to work instead of going to school. We are strictly against child labor and forced labor. This is why we send a yearly donation to SOS Children's Villages to help them implement a community strengthening project and develop a child protection network to improve the social system. Some 1,200 children and 600 families benefit directly from this project. The children and their families are given a second chance, away from exploitation and violence.

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