Sustainable sourcing

We ensure fair working and living conditions when procuring raw materials and take mankind and the environment into careful consideration. We are committed to social standards and sustainability labels while striving for long-term partnerships with local producers and becoming involved in local projects.

Our raw materials sourcing strategy

We source a multitude of raw materials from numerous countries around the globe. Coffee beans from the rainy highlands of Honduras, cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, or rice from Italy, India and Thailand – various provenances and complicated supply chains with a whole host of challenges but one thing in common: the farmers and factory workers are the primary and indispensable stakeholders and, at the same time, the weakest link in the supply chain. We want our raw materials to be grown, harvested and processed in fair working and living conditions that respect both people and nature. For this reason, we work in accordance with several sustainability and social standards.

Wherever possible, we are committed to local projects and strive for long-term partnerships. Our commitment promotes sustainable cultivation and processing of high-quality raw materials, contributes to improving the living conditions of local farmers and gives both them and their farms better prospects for the future.

Rainforest Alliance

Delica is committed to a better future for both people and nature. This is why we source coffee, cocoa and hazelnuts from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. The Rainforest Alliance works on the most pressing social and ecological challenges of our time, and develops solutions to the climate crisis.

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We carry a broad range of certified organic products. This is our contribution to a healthy ecosystem.

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Behind every product there are people. The smallholders and workers behind our Fairtrade Max Havelaar certified products benefit from better working and living conditions, regulated minimum prices and the Fairtrade premium.

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Sustainable palm oil

We process sustainable palm fat for the fillings used in our chocolates and pralines as well as for some baked goods. To this end, we purchase 100% RSPO-segregated certified palm oil and palm kernel oil.

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Responsible supply chains

Secure jobs or the payment of the legally required minimum wage is important to us, but unfortunately not a given for many employees along our supply chain.

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