Our snacks, your brand

The range of snack products produced by Delica includes some of the most-popular traditional Swiss products. We are happy to provide our delicious snack products for your brand or develop a new snack brand with you. Whether you're looking for a natural, seasoned, whole, cut, fried, baked or roasted product, we help you find the ideal snacks and the right packaging sizes.

As a private label specialist, we offer you:

  • Individual products in the field of nuts (e.g. cashews) and dried fruit (e.g. mango slices)
  • Salted, fried or roasted nuts as individual products or in mixtures
  • Various mixtures such as dried fruit and nut mixtures (e.g. trail mix) or simple nut mixes
  • Various types of aperitif snack (e.g. seasoned, sprinkled with cheese, etc.)
  • All kinds of cereal snacks (e.g. bars)
  • Baked snacks (e.g. crackers made from various cereals, rusks)
  • Organic/Max Havelaar, UTZ, organic or standard


We look forward to hearing from you.

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