Coffee dreams with Café Royal and Delizio

Our coffee range is as diverse as our customers' tastes. We have the most suitable coffee product for each customer thanks to our long-term experience in coffee purchasing, roasting and processing. Coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules or our latest product innovation the Coffee ball:

What is CoffeeB?

CoffeeB stands for an unparalleled coffee experience. It is as simple, flavoursome and handy as a capsule – but without the capsule. The Coffee Ball is 100% compostable in your own garden: it does not create any aluminium or plastic waste. A thin protective film consisting entirely of raw materials from natural sources ensures that the coffee retains its full aroma. CoffeeB has everything perfect coffee needs and nothing else: the best beans, roasted and ground to perfection. Premium coffee pressed into a ball.


Café Royal

Café Royal offers capsules for various types of coffee systems and has become the most popular compatible capsule in Switzerland and is also highly appreciated abroad. The winning formula? The use of the best arabica and robusta beans from Rainforest Alliance-certified cultivation. Utmost care when processing the beans. And the claim that each cup is a truly royal experience.



Delizio und Cremesso

Our Delizio brand has appealed to customers for 15 years. It offers its own capsule system complete with coffee machines and the corresponding capsules. This system has been available outside of Switzerland for ten years under the brand name Cremesso. This means that we are not only experts in capsule coffee but also have many years of technical expertise.


Coffee made from beans and ground coffee

Our roasted coffee caters to every taste and comes in various pack sizes. Our range of coffee beans and ground coffee comprises more than 60 products for the domestic and international markets. A range that leaves nothing to be desired. 



We would be pleased to develop a new product together with you or to offer products of the highest quality under the name of your choice. 

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