Tasty and healthy snacks for between meals

Tasty and healthy snacks for between meals
Whether it's on a morning, at lunch time or on an evening, at work, in school or at home, an energizing snack always does the trick. These snacks should be delicious and varied as well as natural and healthy and, if possible, be produced sustainably. We meet all of these requirements with our broad range of cereal snacks, dried fruits, nuts, aperitif snacks and many more. Be inspired.

Cereal snacks

Cereal crackers and bars are the natural and practical snack for between meals – very tasty, rich in fiber and some even vegan. The Delica corn crackers are synonymous with high quality, variety and innovative strength. It's hard to imagine school bags, office drawers and hiking backpacks without them. The product range is constantly being developed and supplemented with innovative new formats and flavors.



Dried fruit

Dried fruit are healthy, natural snacks that supply our bodies with important nutrients. They are rich in fiber and provide energy. Dried fruit are ideal for snacks, but also pep up mueslis, salads and smoothies. Delica offers its customers a wide selection of choice, sun-ripened dried fruit.




Thanks to their natural nutrients such as magnesium, iron, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, nuts are a popular snack for between meals. They can also be used in a variety of ways in cooking: For baking, to spice up a salad, a curry dish or a muesli – there are no limits to your creativity. The Delica product range contains numerous nuts from all over the world.




Das Delica Apéro-Angebot ist vielfältig, abwechslungsreich und wohltuend. Wir bieten ein breites Sortiment an gewürzten, gerösteten und frittierten Monoartikeln und Mischungen an. Die Palette reicht von Klassikern wie z.B. Salzbrezel, Pistazien, gesalzene Cashews oder Nussmischungen über saisonale Artikeln bis hin zu exotischen Mischungen.




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