We have been producing our best ice cream in Meilen on Lake Zurich since 1949. Regional sourcing of our ingredients is particularly important to us. Thanks to our innovation and versatile technology, we are the number one at Swiss retailers. Our broad brand portfolio ensures that all ice cream fans can enjoy refreshing, great-tasting moments.


Our premium MegaStar brand impresses through its high-quality recipes using Swiss chocolate, cream and milk. One technical marvel is the innovative MegaStar Artisan. Thanks to an artisanal production procedure, each ice cream is an indescribable, individually-made joy. Seehund-Glace (literally "seal ice cream") is a cult Swiss product that tastes just like the original from 1975. In addition to ice cream, we also produce water ice as well as ice lollies made from 100% fruit.



The high-quality recipes for Crème d’Or cones and FUN ice creams use 100% natural ingredients and Swiss cream. We are particular keen to use regional ingredients in our recipes.



Crème d’Or is our top brand, offering great-tasting creamy pleasure. Made from 100% natural ingredients, including Swiss cream and milk, it contains no "E" additives. ´╗┐Classics like vanilla, chocolate or stracciatella are well known and popular. Innovative, trendy flavours like fior di latte framboise or almond salted caramel, for example, supplement our varied product range. Crème d’Or is now also available in organic quality.

Vegan ice cream

Looking for a refreshing ice cream that's 100% plant-based? We offer solutions for every taste. Our vegan ice creams have won Swiss Vegan Awards on several occasions.

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Our I Gelati range spans more than 40 ice creams and sorbets for the catering industry. The best fresh milk from the region and Swiss cream are combined to make high-quality ice cream. Our sorbets contain a high proportion of fruit and natural pieces of fruit. The gastronomy brand I Gelati is the responsibility of Swiss Gastro Solutions, a specialised corporate business within Migros Industrie.

I Gelati


We would be pleased to develop a new product together with you or to offer products of the highest quality under the name of your choice.

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