The finest Swiss ice cream

At our location in Meilen on the shore of Lake Zurich, we have been producing the finest ice cream from locally produced fresh milk and cream since 1949. We obtain both of these ingredients directly from farmers and prepare the ice cream in line with our stringent requirements in the Delica facilities. Our expertise and passion have made us number one in Switzerland and thus the proudest ice cream producers in Switzerland.

Ice cream pops

Delica ice cream pops are available in many different variants as well as in a wide range of flavors and sizes Products such as the ice cream produced by the Seehund family are famous throughout Switzerland and have become a cult product. Other products such as Megastar are covered in crunchy chocolate or adorned with the finest nuts. In addition to this, a large number of water ice cream are developed and produced in Meilen every day.



Our cornet brands

Creamy cornets made from choice Swiss ingredients – a fun treat. The different types of cornet are sure to impress with their delicious flavors.

Ice cream in containers

All of the Crème d'Or products are diligently developed and produced in Meilen on the shore of Lake Zurich. Treat your guests to a dessert with cartons of fine ice cream or cool yourself down while on the move with a practical ice cream cup. The best thing about our ice creams is that we only use selected 100% natural ingredients.



Vegan ice cream

The vegan ice cream brand Coco ice-Land meets the growing demand for vegan and lactose-free ice cream and is available in different forms, i.e. as ice cream pops, cornets, praline, cups and cartons to enjoy at home. Coconut milk is the most popular milk alternative. It has a unique refreshing character with a sophisticated velvety texture. The cornet is even gluten-free. Our vegan ice cream has already been awarded the Swiss Vegan Award on two occasions.



We would be pleased to develop a new product together with you or to offer products of the highest quality under the name of your choice.

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