Our cooking ingredients, your brand

Whether for the retail trade, food services or the industry, giantpacks or small packs, we are your ideal partner to drive your brand with our raw materials.


As a private label specialist, we offer you:

  • Various types of rice in a wide range of packaging sizes
  • Individual products and mixtures in the legumes category (e.g. lentils, peas, beans or mixtures with special claims such as protein source) and cereals (Quinoa Tricolore) 
  • Individual products and mixtures in the grains and seeds category (e.g. chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, grain mixtures or grain and fruit/vegetable mixtures)
  • Dried mushrooms (e.g. morels, porcini mushrooms)
  • Ground articles (e.g. hazelnuts and rice flour)
  • Products with certifications organic, MH, UTZ, conventional


We look forward to hearing from you.

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